Our Approach

Our combination of scientific and technical expertise and our ethics- and values-based motivation drive us to execute all work with what we believe to be the keys to successful environmental projects: empathy and dignity towards the natural and human ecology, a coordinated application of a variety of scientific disciplines, and a long-range world view that interprets successful projects as those that improve the quality of life for the current community and future generations.  We are dedicated to a respectful, data-driven assessment of any situation.

 About the Owner

150189_3849382671475_1790625380_nThe Oak Services, LLC Principal and Owner, Catherine Drumheller, is an Institute of Environmental Practice (IPEP) certified Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP).  She has 20 years of environmental science and sustainable development experience, specializing in designing programmatic solutions for environmental and sustainability projects.  She has a BS in Environmental Science with an emphasis in chemistry and an MTS with an emphasis in environmental ethics.


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